Greece has more than

2,000 islands

out of which

170 are inhabited



of the country’s total population lives in Athens

Greece is the leading producer of sea sponges

Olive trees

Greece has approximately
120.000.000 olive trees

 More than

50 %

of the people in Greece
can speak basic English


of the English language
are words of Greek origin


 About 7% of the total world
marble production
comes from Greece


of Greeks are
Greek Orthodox

* 25,6 %

is the unemployment
rate in Greece

* As many as 100,000 birds
from Europe and Asia
stop in Greece’s wetlands
on their migrations


of the world’s shipping
industry is controlled
by Greek interests


of young Greek people
have higher education

* Greece has the most
archaeological sites and
museums per capita in the world

22 %

 of the politicians
in the parliament are women

* By law Greek
men must serve
the armed forces

25 %

is the divorce rate in Greece,
one of the lowest in Europe




Feta cheese is a unique
type of cheese, dating to
Homer’s times and produced
only in Greece