At the crossroads of independent travel and authentic customised experiences, there sits our Alternative Ventures.


Deeply authentic and highly sustainable, these customised trips focus on local guidance and expert travel planning to craft Greek vacations for every interest.



So whether you’re looking to scale dramatic cliffs and gallop on horseback down a sandy beach, or stomp grapes into wine and harvest olives from gnarly old trees, our Alternative Ventures answer your call.







Support the Greek economy.
Travel responsibly.
Build a custom Greek holiday with Inspiration Ventures,
your sustainable experts.

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If you’ve always dreamed of a trip that is not a vacation, but rather a mission on your road to personal growth or group achievement, this is the venture for you. We’ll design, from scratch, a travel plan customised to your needs serving your vision.

If your vision is green, we’ll take you deep into the wilds of Greece – rural hikes and outdoor activities, with a menu of locally produced fresh products.

If your vision is quiet, we’ll secret you away to off-the-beaten-path Greece – untouristed isles and quiet little corners high in the mountains.

Whatever your vision, we’ll plan it into reality.


Katia’s impeccable attention to detail, tenacious follow-through and strong leadership skills are far beyond that of an average tour planner and guide. This, combined with her warm, joyful, friendly manner and true caring have engendered my deep trust in her.

We are already planning another tour together, and I cannot wait to share her gracious hospitality with the next group. In fact, everyone on the first tour said they plan to come on the next one too. I can’t imagine leading another tour in Greece without Inspiration Ventures support and TLC.

Thank you, Katia and Inspiration Ventures Team, for the extraordinary gift you gave us!

Brad Laughlin, Group Leader

June 2015