Blending the beauty of Greece – spectacular landscapes and delicious food, rich history and endless blue sea – with the sites you’ve read about in the Bible, we create spiritual christian travels that enhance your Biblical understanding and honour your faith in the Lord.


According to the archaeology of the Bible, divine inspiration was born in many sites throughout Greece. It accompanied Apostle Paul to Corinth, where he was inspired to pen his famous “Letter to the Corinthians”, one of the most beautiful texts ever written on brotherly love. It swirled in Patmos through the Cave of the Apocalypse, where John the Evangelist received the awesome text of the Revelation. And it is still present at Philippi, the archaeological site of the first Christian congregation on European soil.


We offer both established religious journeys and tailor-made Christian Travels, customized to your time, interests and needs.


Jesus may have been born in Bethleem, but biblical history unfolds throughout the ancient world. Among the significant sites: Greece, a country that proudly celebrates it’s deep connection to early Christianity








We offer both established religious journeys and tailor-made Biblical tours, customized to your time, interests and needs.

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Travelers’ Review


We had a fantastic trip to Greece thanks to Inspiration Ventures and Katia Mavrelli. Their service exceeded our expectations in every way. The pre trip communication was clear and responsive and their suggestions for tours were perfect. The Hera Hotel, that was recommended, was warm, friendly and in a great location for seeing the Acropolis. 

Once in Greece, Inspiration Ventures Team took care of every detail from meeting us at the airport and arranging all of our transfers to providing personalized guided tours of Athens and Ancient Corinth. 

The tours were wonderful. We were amazed at Katia’s knowledge of Greek history and the Biblical significance of the area. In Ancient Corinth she read Paul’s words to the Corinthians as we stood in the same spot as Paul stood.  Amazing!  In Athens, Katia was able to arrange our day so we had the New Acropolis Museum to ourselves and then maneuvered us around the Acropolis so as to avoid the crowds. Katia made Greek history come alive for us as well as sharing her views on Greece today. Katia also made sure we had recommendations for excellent restaurants, the best  shopping and things to do during our free time.


Fred & Ruth S.

Minneapolis  (MA)

May 2016