Greek culture is epic (and that’s no pun). For more than 6,000 years, this was cradle of civilization. Here, sport was born at the starting line in Olympia. Here, ancient prophecy skirted the mountainous slopes of Delphi. Here, cultures rose to glory and fell to ruin. And all this is yours to explore, to revere, to discover via the cultural tours we organise.


Visiting Greece means a lot more to an educated traveler of the world. Our Cultural Tours in Greece explore this meaning, taking you to the forefront of Greece’s cultural treasures. These trips are ideal for university groups, alumni, friends and families – for anyone interested in cultural immersion through travel.


We offer both standardtours and tailor-made trips to suit your specific interests and needs. All our tour leaders are not only licensed guides, but also university degree-holders in the humanities – true experts in Greek history and culture. Moreover, at Inspiration Ventures we boast a large network of academic professors, archaeologists, sociologists and historians, who serve as guest lecturers and add a layer of depth your visit.



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 Travelers’ review


Inspiration Ventures has the most efficient, knowledgeable, and amiable tour guides I have known.  This guide, Katia Mavrelli, is by far the best guide I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with throughout my years of traveling abroad.  She was available any time anyone ever needed assistance and answered every question without a moment’s hesitation.  Very impressive.  Very professional.


I have been to Greece at least 14 times in the last 45 years and yet I continued to learn more about the country due to the expertise of Katia.  She is a walking encyclopedia of Greek history, myths, customs, foods, politics, culture, etc.  I was continually amazed at her knowledge and grasp of what people were interested in and how she explained each subject or question  so that everyone would understand.  She had everyone’s attention at all times due to an engaging personality and friendly manner.


Chris A.

San Francisco CA

July 2015