If you’ve browsed through our website, you can already feel how much we love our country – all of it, from our history to our culture, from our landscapes to our cuisine. And knowing Greece as we do, one thing is very clear: there’s no ‘one way’ to travel her. That’s why we’re proud to build bespoke Greek holidays. Inspiration Ventures works closely with you to design your perfect getaway, based on your travel style, your interests and your fellow travellers’ profile. To build your customised itinerary send us an email or just answer the below questions.
A couple
Your family
A small group of friends
A group over 15 travellers
rustic or urban, ultra-romantic or five-star?
e.g. Hotels that offer childcare.
I’m a beach-lover; I enjoy the sea and sun.
I can’t wait to visit historic sites and learn about Greek culture and heritage.
My dream is to sail the Greek Archipelago.
I plan to spend my time island-hopping.
I’m a culinary traveller, so I’d like to indulge in new gastronomic adventures …and practice Greek cooking!
What I’d really like to do is relax and enjoy a cruise on the Aegean Sea.
I’m interested to explore Biblical Greece and the archaeology of the Bible.
I’d love to visit at least a few off-the beaten path locations and interact with the people who live there.
I’d really like to learn from an insider’s point of view about the current political situation in this neighbourhood of the world.
I always plan on shopping locally made souvenirs, from handmade goods to eclectic jewellery pieces.
I’d love to meet a Greek family, visit their home, and experience everyday Greek life.
I am a wine aficionado; please point me to the best Greek wineries, and show me where I can learn about viticulture in Greece.
I really enjoy hiking and outdoor sport activities.
I am interested in a wellness and spa experience.
I am looking forward to a digital detox.
I just want a little bit of everything that Greece has to offer!
Please specify
excluding international airfare
Athens Acropolis
Ancient Olympia
Delphi Oracle
Mt. Olympus
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Boutique Hotel
Eclectic Design
Resort Hotel
Private Villa
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We dream of a quiet location, close to great views (preferably from my private balcony) and far from the noise and bustle of busy streets.
The most important thing to us is accessibility; We’d like to be within walking distance of the major points of interest.
What matters to us is sand and sun; we want to be just steps from the beach!
We are open to almost anything, depending on the destination. What we want to experience is the best of everywhere.
eg. walking difficulties

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