When you travel to Greece, you step into a world past and present – a nation of gastronomic delights and ancient heroes, of hallowed culture and philosophical roots, of culinary traditions and whitewashed landscapes. Bathe in the brilliance of Hellenic architecture. Dine on the delicacies of modern Greece. Delve into the epicentre of all things historical, from the iconic Parthenon to Santorini’s volcanic landscape. Discover our exclusive tours programmes.


 For lovers of elegance and luxury, we select the finest exclusive tours, the most breathtaking sights and the most spectacular villas – curated holidays that suit our traveler’s personalities and offer authentic, unforgettable travel experiences.



Part of our white-glove travel design is not only to secure reservations with providers of the highest quality, but to arrange private tours far from the crowds of mass tourism – from unforgettabledining experiences to private yacht rentals. Whatever you dream, we have the local connections to make it happen.







We offer Exclusive Ventures based on our extensive local experience,
and are also happy to design tailor-made tours that suit your exacting needs and tastes.



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And for discerning travelers who seek a detox from the corporate rush, we’ll design a package on our favourite off-the-beaten-path Greek Islands – hidden retreats where the office will never find you.