Plan your Family Vacations to Greece, and you plan the perfect mix of history and leisure, adventure and modern diversions.


Through storytelling and hands-on, experiential travel in Greece’s mythical lands, your family will learn together about the adventures of ancient peoples, the wisdom of the philosophers, and the courage of Greek heroes.


These timeless vacations, rich with culture and history, through play and fun not only develop children’s critical minds, but also form the basis for beautiful memories – for all your family’s generations.


We’ll work with you to design the perfect tour through Greece –a getaway that all your family members, from the toddlers to the great-grandparents, will enjoy equally.

Our specially trained tour guides will bring history to life by creating a fun and education family travel experience.




Selected Ventures






We’ll work with you to design the perfect vacation in Greece ,
A venture tailor-made to your family’s unique needs and interests.


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Anyone who has ever tried to plan a family reunion, kid-friendly holiday, or multi-generational trip that would please everyone, from the littlest littles to the most cultured grandparents, knows one thing – it’s not easy.


And that’s where we step in:

with amazing ventures to sandy beaches,

reservations at make-everyone-happy hotels (with the best children’s pools),

reservations aboard exhilarating sailing excursions,

and modern-day odysseys through the most ancient sites known to man.