Brad Laughlin

For 18 years I have led sacred site tours and meditation retreats through many countries, including South Africa, Egypt, Israel, France, the US Southwest and Greece. Recently, I had the incredible privilege of collaborating with Katia Mavrelli and Inspiration Ventures for the first time. Our retreat in Greece was successful in every way, beyond my wildest expectations.


I requested as much peace and quiet as possible, due to our need for a meditative experience. Katia successfully provided a relaxing travel schedule and found us the most intimate, high-vibe, affordable inns and restaurants, as well as exquisitely beautiful, natural settings with unparalleled views and intimate indoor meeting spaces. All of this provided the perfect container for our unique needs—something very challenging to do amidst the busy tourist season.

I requested a tour with an authentic, local flavor. Everywhere we went, Katia arranged for us to feel especially welcomed. She was always sensitive to our needs. As a tour guide she innately knew when to share her extensive knowledge of Greek history, myth and geography, and when to give us our private space. Almost every request, no matter how small, was somehow magically fulfilled—fresh goat yogurt with local honey, a homemade picnic, spontaneous Greek language tutorials and so much more.

Brad Laughlin
Group Leader/ Author
Miami, FL
June 2015


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