Commitment to Excellence

Our roots are in respect for travelers. We are constantly working to improve our guest experiences, travel offerings, local knowledge and the quality of our services. At Inspiration Ventures, our goal will always be you. Your satisfaction.Your dreams.Your unforgettable experience.


Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism focuses on the economic, social and environmental impact of travel – today and tomorrow. We are proud to mesh the goals of sustainable tourism with our visitors’ needs. When you book with Inspiration Ventures, you’re supporting the Greek economy and traveling responsibly.


The travel industry is based on reliability – on delivering what we promise. And for us, that promise is high-quality ventures, delivered on time, with backup support in case of an emergency. Simply put, we’re there when you need us.


At Inspiration Ventures, “safety first” means “safety always.” That’s why we not only uphold local laws and safety regulations; we exceed them. Your safety is our first priority.

Travel Ethics & Aesthetics

There is a profound and implicit beauty in travel – something that runs even deeper than a destination’s outward splendour. At Inspiration Ventures, we seek this inner beauty. We create memorable, aesthetic travel experiences throughout your visit. We respect you. We care for you. And that’s why we leave nothing to chance.


To paraphrase an old adage, value is not what you pay; it’s what you get. And at Inspiration Ventures, we strive to get you the most – the greatest experience, the most memorable travels – for your time and budget. However long your time, and for the best value in Greece.