Indulge yourself in the pleasures of a small ship cruise to the Greek islands, where your dreams for an idyllic Aegean cruise come true.

Glide into unique and more private ports and discover the world of the Greek islands.

Live the moment exploring Greece’s cultural treasures, amazing landscapes, legendary seas and local life.


We offer several small ship cruises, sailing for seven days through the Aegean and the Ionian sea.


You can also extend your discovery in Greece by combining your cruise with a pre- or post-trip extension land program. One option is a short city break in historical Athens for two days or choose a more extended holiday experience, which includes Athens and an enriching classical land tour.


Selected Cruises


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“Sailing in the Aegean is sailing through the history of Western civilization.
The poetry of Homer was composed along these shores;
here, the Sirens’ song captivated Odysseus,
Hippocrates made the first systematic medical observations;
and overlooking these blue seas, the free men of Athens first set out to govern themselves.

Great builders of empires, among them the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, the Macedonian Greeks and the Romans, all left their mark on these landscapes – and on the entire world – from their bases of power, here in the eastern Mediterranean.”


“We had a fantastic trip to Greece thanks to Katia Mavrelli and Inspiration Ventures Team. The trip exceeded our expectations in every way.

The pre-trip communication was clear and responsive and Katia’s suggestions for tours were perfect. The Hera Hotel, that she recommended, was warm, friendly and in a great location for seeing the acropolis.  Once in Greece, Inspiration Ventures took care of every detail from meeting us at the airport and arranging all of our transfers to providing wonderful personalized guided tours of Athens and Ancient Corinth. 

We were amazed at Katia’s knowledge of Greek history! In Athens, Katia was able to arrange our day so we had The New Acropolis Museum to ourselves and then maneuvered us around the acropolis so as to avoid the crowds. Katia made Greek history come alive for us as well as sharing her views on Greece today. Katia also made sure we had recommendations for excellent restaurants, the best  shopping and things to do during our free time.  The transfer to the port for our cruise was amazing as Katia asked her mother to join us for the ride. Katia’s mom was equally wonderful and warm adding to our personalized experience.


At the port we boarded the M/Y Harmony V for a classical Greece cruise.  The cruise was wonderful. The boat was beautiful, the crew amazing, the food, while catering to dietary restrictions, was great and the shore excursions were interesting and well planned.  The highlights of the week were the blue domes of Santorini, the windmills of Mykonos, the ancient ruins of Delos and Crete, the medieval town of Monemvassia, swimming at the beach in Kythira and off the back of the boat and learning Greek dances and eating from a wonderful Greek buffet during the Greek night celebration.  I highly recommend that anyone visiting Greece, asks Inspiration Ventures to book a small ship cruise for them and Athens extension with private tours.”


Fred & Ruth Sauer

Minneapolis, USA

May 2016