We invite our travelers to explore Greece together with our expert and inspired guides.

Our team of highly-knowledgeable, professional guides is dedicated to bring history to life and create the missing link for visitors to genuinely connect with a local community.


At Inspiration Ventures, we believe that people are an integral and dynamic part of your travel experience. Hiring a professional tour guide provides a unique insider’s perspective that guidebooks or mobile apps simply cannot provide.

Our expert Travel Advisors will connect you with the best guides for personalized private tours tailored to your specific interests, such as Family Tours, Archaeology and Cultural Tours.,

Our guides are licensed by the National Academy of Guides, competent professionals and Humanities University degree-holders in diverse subjects who will go above and beyond to ensure a unique experience. They rank among the best professionals in Greece.

Many of our tour guides are members of local communities offering competitive academic credentials and deep understanding of their locale.

Our guides are our partners who provide that extra special experience, shared only with an insider, that makes the difference.



Our best tour directors/guides also work with major tour operators such as Virtuoso agencies, National Geographic Expeditions, Grand Circle Travel, Vantage Delux Travel, Road Scholar and others



“Our greatest reward is to see our travelers truly enjoying the spirit of Greece.

Now, whether that’s catching the mood of a Greek dance by joining in, (the exact steps don’t matter), asking question after question at an historical site to enrich their knowledge or appreciating the hospitality of a Greek family during a home-hosted meal, the result is the same; the interaction of our visitors with the local community.

We welcome you to enjoy a unique Greek experience with every one of us!”


Tour Directors / Lecturer Guides


Evgenia Alexiou



Evgenia was born in Athens, a city that ‘definitely shaped my personality, dreams and choices in life’. She studied Archaeology and Art History at the National University of Athens. Archaeology is her big passion, and she proudly participated in the excavations on the island of Santorini, one of the most important sites of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean. Since 2006 Evgenia works as a licensed tour guide, traveling all over Greece and showing the beauties of the landscape, the significant ancient sites and the unique Greek temperament. 

Maria Argyraki

Classics & Literature


Maria is an established professional tour guide for English and Japanese speaking travelers. After extensive traveling, working and studying in North America, Europe and East Asia, she graduated from the Greek National Tourism Organization School of Professional Tour Guides. In addition, she has earned a B.A. in English Language & Literature at the University of Athens, Greece, and an M.A. in Modern Japanese Language and Social Science at the University of Sheffield, UK. Maria specializes in handling VIP travelers, but she enthusiastically shares her substantial knowledge of history, art, archaeology, mythology and cultural traditions with any traveler seeking an in-depth experience with the past and present of Greece. Her interests include traveling, creative writing, swimming, photography and culinary arts.

Maria Charalampidou



Maria is an archaeologist and a licensed tour guide. She has been showing travelers around Greece for more than 25 years. It is Maria’s passion to showcase all the hidden treasures Greece has to offer and make sure its visitors grasp its true essence. The best part of her job is ‘sharing ideas and making new friends every day!’

Mara Kanari

Greek Heritage / Mythology


Mara was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Athens College and went on to the Greek National Guide School in Corfu. While leading tours, she received a second degree in Humanities and Greek Civilization from The Hellenic Open University. She speaks three languages fluently and leads groups in Greek, English and Japanese, highlighting all aspects of the Greek culture with a strong emphasis on ancient Greek civilization and mythology. Since 2001, she has taken tourists from over sixty nations to the mainland and the islands of Greece, sharing with them her love for her country and her prodigious knowledge of history, archaeology, best food and wine, and the art of folk dancing.

Konstantina Mani



Konstantina is a licensed tour guide in English and French. As a tour guide, she shares with her guests her passion for the archeological sites, the museums, the ancient Greek theater and the ancient Greek philosophy. Besides her love for ancient Greek history, she also leads her guests to places where they will be able to experience the authentic Greek lifestyle. ‘Everywhere in Greece there is a hidden gem and my goal is to discover it together.’ 

Maria Daphne Mavrelli

History / Social Anthropology 




Academic Local Lecturer Guides



Anthi Dipla

Phd. Classical Archaeology

Popi Georgopoulou

Archaeologist / Museology MA


Popi is a licensed tour guide by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and a member of the International Council of Museums. She graduated from the Department of History and Anthropology as a scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation and from the Department of Museology of the University of Athens, gaining the scholarship of the Onassis Foundation. Since 2007, she is involved in the designing of museum exhibitions and events, the designing and implementation of educational material for programs in museums, and the designing and production of educational kits for museums. At the same time, she loves to ‘provide the visitors of my country with both knowledge and experiences! As a traveler myself, I do believe that every trip is a total of unique multisensory experiences!’




Moreover, at Inspiration Ventures we boast a large network of academic professors, archaeologists, sociologists and historians, who serve as guest lecturers and add a layer of depth to your visit.