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Welcome to Inspiration Ventures,
boutique tour operator that designs inspired ventures and adventures in Greece!
Headquartered right where our heart is, in Athens, we operate throughout Greece with our insider’s expertise at your service.


At Inspiration Ventures we do not offer ready-made travel products.
Our mission is to open the world of Greece to our guests and enrich their lives with unique and authentic experiences. We do this by providing exceptional service and quality aligned with the values of Responsible Tourism in “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit”

Cultural Expertise

Because we are deeply rooted in our local history, culture and heritage and we know best, as born-and-raised local tourism professionals, how to open the Greek world to our travellers and plan an unforgettable experience in our country.

Exceptional Service & Competitive Prices

Because we have the margin to offer competitive prices, as there are no third parties involved. From tour design to execution, we carefully plan all aspects of your Greek experience from A to Z.

Responsible Travel

Because when you travel with Inspiration Ventures, you travel responsibly, enforcing the local economy using only local providers. Our travel philosophy is aligned with the values of Responsible Tourism in “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”

Tailor-made Group Travel

Private family & small group customized trips

Design your tour
Inspiration Ventures works closely with you to design your perfect getaway, based on your travel
style, your interests and your fellow travellers’ profile. To build your customised itinerary
send us an email or just answer the below questions.
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