Excavate the vaults of history, dig into millennia of myth and legend. Explore Greece’s historic lands by bus and indulge yourself in the pleasures of a cruise to the Greek islands, where your dreams for an idyllic Aegean cruise come true. Our commitment is to plan your ideal cultural experience exactly as you’ve dreamed it.

Click on our sample itineraries to get an idea of our small ship cruises and we can always design a tailor-made trip based on your personal needs and interests.

Sample Itineraries

You can also extend your discovery in Greece by combining your cruise with a pre- or post-trip extension land program. One option is a short city break in historical Athens for two days or choose a more extended holiday experience, which includes Athens and an enriching classical land tour including visits to the Oracle of Delphi, Ancient Olympia and more.

Erin V.

A few years ago, I met the most efficient, knowledgeable, and amiable tour guide I have known. And in looking back through my travels for the last 45 years, I find that I have visited 79 countries with various tour companies, both on land and sea.


Katia from Inspiration Ventures is by far the best guide I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with throughout my years of traveling abroad. She was available any time anyone ever needed assistance and answered every question without a moment’s hesitation.

The itinerary Inspiration Ventures suggested was a perfect match to our group needs. Very impressive. Very professional. (and very reasonably priced..!)

Erin V.
Group Leader
Boston, MA
May 2016


In the academic world Greece is known as the cradle of western civilization. Here, sport was born at the starting line in Olympia. Here, ancient prophecy skirted the mountainous slopes of Delphi. Here, cultures rose to glory and fell to ruin. And all this is yours to explore, to revere, to discover via the cultural tours we organize.

Visiting Greece means a lot more to an educated traveler of the world. Our Experiential Educational trips in Greece explore this meaning, taking you to the forefront of Greece’s cultural treasures. These trips are ideal for university groups, alumni and college students with their professors.

All our tour leaders are not only licensed guides, but also university degree-holders in the humanities – true experts in Greek history and culture. Moreover, at Inspiration Ventures we boast a large network of academic professors, archaeologists, sociologists and historians, who serve as guest lecturers and add a layer of depth your visit.

Deree – American College of Greece

Blending the beauty of Greece – spectacular landscapes and delicious food, rich history and endless blue sea – with the sites you’ve read about in the Bible, we create spiritual christian travels that enhance your Biblical understanding and honour your faith in the Lord.

According to the archaeology of the Bible, divine inspiration was born in many sites throughout Greece. It accompanied Apostle Paul to Corinth, where he was inspired to pen his famous “Letter to the Corinthians”, one of the most beautiful texts ever written on brotherly love. It swirled in Patmos through the Cave of the Apocalypse, where John the Evangelist received the awesome text of the Revelation. And it is still present at Philippi, the archaeological site of the first Christian congregation on European soil.

We offer both established religious journeys and tailor-made Christian Travels, customized to your time, interests and needs.

Sample Itineraries

Sharon Review

Katia’s impeccable attention to detail, tenacious follow-through and strong leadership skills are far beyond that of an average tour planner and guide. This, combined with her warm, joyful, friendly manner and true caring have engendered my deep trust in her.


We are already planning another tour together, and I cannot wait to share her gracious hospitality with the next group. In fact, everyone on the first tour said they plan to come on the next one too. As a group leader for over 15 years I have realized that planning the trip with local providers has great results on pricing too, which adds to the value of the group experience! I can’t imagine leading another tour in Greece without Inspiration Ventures support and TLC.

Thank you, Katia and Inspiration Ventures Team, for the extraordinary gift you gave us!

Sharon D.
Group Leader
Boston area, MA
September 2016


If you’ve always dreamed of a trip that is not a vacation, but rather a mission on your road to personal growth or group achievement, this is the venture for you. We’ll design, from scratch, a travel plan customised to your needs serving your vision.

If your vision is to connect with highly energetic locations in Greece, we’ll take you to the most powerful spots.

If your vision is green, we’ll take you deep into the wilds of Greece – rural hikes and outdoor activities, with a menu of locally produced fresh products.

If your vision is a yoga retreat, we’ll secret you away to off-the-beaten-path Greece – untouristed isles and quiet little corners high in the mountains.

Whatever your vision, we’ll plan it into reality.

These trips are ideal for spiritual leaders with their followers, yoga conductors with their students and all kinds of specialized interest groups.

Sample Itineraries

Brad Laughlin

For 18 years I have led sacred site tours and meditation retreats through many countries, including South Africa, Egypt, Israel, France, the US Southwest and Greece. Recently, I had the incredible privilege of collaborating with Katia Mavrelli and Inspiration Ventures for the first time. Our retreat in Greece was successful in every way, beyond my wildest expectations.


I requested as much peace and quiet as possible, due to our need for a meditative experience. Katia successfully provided a relaxing travel schedule and found us the most intimate, high-vibe, affordable inns and restaurants, as well as exquisitely beautiful, natural settings with unparalleled views and intimate indoor meeting spaces. All of this provided the perfect container for our unique needs—something very challenging to do amidst the busy tourist season.

I requested a tour with an authentic, local flavor. Everywhere we went, Katia arranged for us to feel especially welcomed. She was always sensitive to our needs. As a tour guide she innately knew when to share her extensive knowledge of Greek history, myth and geography, and when to give us our private space. Almost every request, no matter how small, was somehow magically fulfilled—fresh goat yogurt with local honey, a homemade picnic, spontaneous Greek language tutorials and so much more.

Brad Laughlin
Group Leader/ Author
Miami, FL
June 2015


One of the most pleasant surprises one can experience in Greece is the discovery of local food. It was, after all a Greek who wrote the world’s first cookbook! Archestratus, 2400 ago set off on a culinary adventure to sample and taste the best that our land had to offer.

Join us in a Culinary adventure spending few unforgettable days with Greek families on the island of Naxos, where conventional tourists will never find you. This is your opportunity to gain a hands- on experience of life in a local community.

Experience the benefits of the Mediterranean healthy cuisine and learn how to prepare your own Greek dishes.

Looking through the lens of a Greek family and behind the curtains of tourism you’ll meet local producers, learn about their local products, milk goats and sheep if you wish, swim in the sparkling Aegean waters and join a local fisherman on his boat and help him collect his nets…