Katia Mavrelli

Katia Mavrelli has been working in the Greek tourism industry since the beginning of her professional life. Following her family tradition, she already has a long experience having worked as a licensed tour guide, trip leader, tour designer and travel consultant for the last fifteen years. A significant part of her work has been leading groups of travelers for the prominent tour operators of the USA and Europe across multi-day trips, exploring and introducing historical sites and local culture behind the curtain of tourism. Katia is very passionate about travel. A key factor to her success is her educational background which covers a wide range of areas, as she holds a BA in Philosophy, Education and Psychology from the University of Athens, and an MA in History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics from the University of Thessaloniki. Along with her active professional life, she is currently pursuing an MBA from Harvard Business School.   Katia founded Mavrelli & Associates with a vision of combining this long experience with her fresh ideas for designing and carrying out enriching travels. Her drive is to enhance the development of sustainable tourism and to apply responsible tourism practices in her work. Her ultimate goal is to give the traveler a very high standard of tourism services and a unique view of the secrets, beauties and culture of Greece.

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